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We have the science and tools to usher in the first generation of women free from cervical cancer. Prioritise HPV vaccination and act today, so together we can stop cervical cancer before it starts.

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Action Guide Cover titled Cervical Cancer Prevention through HPV Vaccination, An Action Guide for Medical Societies in India

Cervical Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination: An Action Guide for Medical Societies in India offers action steps and evidence-based resources to help medical societies prioritise HPV vaccination among physicians and increase physician confidence in recommending the HPV vaccine.

Action Guide Cover titled Increasing Uptake of HPV Vaccine in Kenya, An Action Guide for Civil Society Organisations

Improving Uptake of HPV Vaccine in Kenya: An Action Guide for Civil Societies offers steps civil society organisations (CSOs) can take in supporting health facilities and community health workers in Kenya to increase HPV vaccination among adolescent girls. The guide includes evidence-based resources for sharing facts about cervical cancer and HPV vaccination.

Implementing Action Guides and Resources

These action guides and resources were created with specific country focus. Use them as a starting point for your efforts to optimise the interaction between key healthcare professionals and parents/guardians. Prior to implementing any efforts for increasing the uptake of, and demand for, the HPV vaccine consider:

  • Identifying the behavioural barriers faced by targeted healthcare professionals and/or parents/guardians in your community, country, or region
  • Understanding the policy and social environments in your community, country, or region
  • Engaging trusted partners, healthcare providers, and/or parents/guardians when identifying solutions
  • Testing adapted solutions in small ways before scaling, so you know what works in your community
  • Tracking progress, making improvements, and sharing success with partners throughout the project

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Our Research

Prevent Global HPV Cancers is built on behaviour change communications research with health care professionals and parents in India, Kenya, and Colombia. This research can help inform your HPV vaccination education and communication efforts.


Explore the many evidence-based resources available to support your organisation’s or agency’s efforts to increase demand for, and uptake of, HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. Tools include patient posters, frequently asked question documents, dosing guidance, sample awareness letters, champion engagement letters, and more.