Mom stands behind her young daughter, both smiling at the camera, in a field in Colombia.


Prevent Global HPV Cancers is a digital platform that facilitates shared learning for organisations and agencies working towards increasing HPV vaccination in higher-burden, lower-resourced communities.

Indian doctor in Sari

Welcome to Prevent Global
HPV Cancers

Healthcare professionals are the most trusted source of health-related information for parents, guardians, and the community. A strong recommendation from a healthcare professional – physicians, nurses, community health workers, and more – can increase the likelihood of parents/guardians protecting their girls with the HPV vaccine.

Prevent Global HPV Cancers and the resources within were designed by and for medical, government, and civil society organisations in lower-resourced communities. It features behaviour change communications research with health care professionals that can help inform an organisation’s HPV vaccination education and communication efforts.

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Two nurses working in rural village location. Kenya, Africa.

Prevent Global HPV Cancers Initiative

Prevent Global HPV Cancers is a collaborative initiative supported by the American Cancer Society’s Global HPV Cancer Free program working to connect leaders in ministries of health, medical societies, and civil society organisations to evidence-based tools and resources. This initiative aims to help normalise HPV vaccination as cancer prevention among healthcare professionals and parents/guardians to create demand for and uptake of the vaccine, especially in lower-resourced communities where death and suffering from cervical cancer remains unnecessarily high.